the process...

I never {usually} stand before my easel and know what is going to happen. I have a general idea... a color, is what brings me there most days, an idea of a color, but other than that... no clue. Im sure thats how a lot of other artists feel.

I have had a plan for this new "series" for a few months now. The original was to work through this healing process; this grieving that wont seem to go away, by using personal images, words, belongings, that might capture my movement through these emotions as well as honor the subject.
 Its too early to tell if that isnt going to happen so I wont toss it aside, but as of this morning I have found a new path. All lined with flowers, of course.

I just feel I need to keep myself updated as to what I am feeling as I go. Right now feels like tears. But just the wetness of them. The sadness is fading, the empty still there... but these paintings feel like the wetness the tears left behind.

My summer studio in the morning light... 


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